The advanced redirection plugin enables your Confluence to manage HTTP redirections.

It is possible to create several redirection rules by defining a matching pattern and an destination URL.


URL Pattern: .+/xxx.?

Redirect to:

Description: Every URL containing "/xxx" somewhere in the url and (optional!) having additional characters after the "xxx" will redirect to Atlassian's Confluence

URL Pattern: .*/dosearchsite.action\?queryString=somtext

Redirect to: http://yourconfluence/dosearchsite.action?queryString=sometext

Description: Replaces a search for "somtext" with a search for "sometext"

URL Pattern: .*/viewpagesrc.action.*

Redirect to: /

Description: Disables the wiki source code view and redirects to the dashboard


The Plugin is implemented as a Servlet Filter - therefore it is called for every HTTP request made (also loading CSS files, images etc..).

Per default the servlet filter is applied to every URL - if you want restrict the URL pattern the plugin is loaded you should edit the atlassian-plugin.xml - more information about that is in the FAQ section.

Please, please, please be careful not to define an URL pattern by accident that matches the URL of the Confluence administration area. If you do so the removal is a little bit more complicated because you have to erase the data from the database. More on that in the FAQ section.


Add the possibility to enter date restrictions to the redirection rule

Add some more examples for useful redirections

Add the possibility to limit a redirection rule to specified users

Add french translations

Add some design and layout improvements

Allow the matches from the pattern to be used in the target URL

Add a function to check a defined rule if it is going to disable the Confluence administration area and display a confirmation dialog

Implement an Excel/CSV import of rulesets

Grant API access from other plugins

Refactor the Rule API to enable complex rules like: Redirect the user "test" or users from the group "testgroup" to the URL if the current URL matches ".+/test" or ".+/foo"

Add the possibility to filter by IP address

Improve the GUI/layout

Add Selenium/Molybdenum Testsuite