Frequently Asked Questions

I have created a redirection rule but nothing happens

Perhaps the regular expression is invalid or the specified URL does not match the corresponding pattern. If the pattern is invalid you should take a look into the server logs to check if an PatternSyntaxException was raised and logged. See below for more instructions regarding logging.

Is it possible to receive debug/logging information from the plugin?

The plugin uses the key "com.hascode.confluence.plugin.redirection-plugin" for logging. Go to your Confluence administration area > Logging & Profiling and add this key and the desired log level. Having done this take a look at your log files.

How can I restrict the plugin to load only for a given URL scheme?

Download the plugin jar-file, extract the jar file and open the atlassian-plugin.xml. Search for the "servlet-filter" Element and edit the child node "url-pattern" to your needs.

What does "Purge all plugin data" do?

This action erases all saved patterns/rules. It does not delete the plugin itself or deactivates the plugin - there are just no more rules after executing this action.

Where do I get more information about regular expressions?

There's plenty of information available on the internet - use Google or take a look at

I have created a filter that matches the admin area - how am I able to delete/disable the redirection plugin?

Delete the plugin-data from your database. The plugin data is saved in the table named BANDANA - you could delete the plugin data using the following statement: DELETE FROM BANDANA WHERE BANDANAKEY="com.hascode.confluence.plugin.persistence.redirection-plugin" OR BANDANAKEY="com.hascode.confluence.plugin.persistence.redirection-plugin.primary-key".

If you're developing and using the embedded HSQL database, take a look at this article.

I don't like this plugin - isn't there any other?

Try the redirection macro plugin from CustomWare or use the search on Atlassian's Plugin Exchange.